Accounting for Business

Specialist Services

Blue Dragon offer unique specialist services that enhance our end-to-end accounting and tax solutions. Whatever your circumstance that you find yourself in the team at Blue Dragon will be able to step in with assistance to partner with you on your business journey.


Blue Dragon Business Services specialises in Business Turnarounds and Business Restructuring.

We provide expert turnaround management services to businesses and corporations that are facing a challenged time that requires crucial financial solutions to turnaround your business from a declining performance.

At Blue Dragon we don’t just present you with a turnaround strategy, we work with you and your business every step of the way, we support every aspect of the turnaround process that your business may face. A successful turnaround requires speedy action to stabilise the business performance, complete and practical management of key stakeholders to secure and maintain support structures, a proactive and strategic plan, and most likely access to fresh capital.

The specialist solutions we deliver include:  

  • Development of a Business Strategy
  • Debt Strategy & Refinancing Solutions which will include sophisticated financial modelling
  • Financial and Operational Management
  • Cash Flow and Working Capital Management
  • Business Plans & Implementation
  • Development of an overall IT strategy and ERP Implementation
  • Budget and forecast Modelling
  • Dashboard and KPI reporting with PowerBI