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The team at Blue Dragon are able to solve your accounting, tax and business problems quickly and effectively with lasting results. Our background and experience in commercial enterprises allows us to scale from sole traders all the way through to supporting multinational businesses. Our team has been hand-picked to be able to provide businesses genuine end-to-end accounting solutions from bookkeeping, payroll, management reporting, GST and superannuation compliance, to annual income tax compliance for individuals, sole traders, trusts, companies, and group structures and authentic CFO support.

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Blue Dragon Business Services is a CPA Practice.

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Tax and Business Services

Our number one recruitment criteria is that our team come from a commercial background. This means that every member of our team have worked to solve problems in real-world businesses not just from the perspective of an accountants office. Our team have had commercial accounting experience in manufacturing, mining, mining services, engineering, agriculture, banking, finance, construction, retail, labour hire, FMCG, food and other perishables, international trade, infrastructure, import, export, wholesaling, healthcare, IT Services , freight and distribution and even fintech. The feedback we get is this makes a huge difference to the outcomes for the client.

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"Working with Michael Hamilton from Blue Dragon has been an exceptional experience. He helped us out of our darkest hour when we had to let our previous Finance Manager go and his assistant walked out in protest also. He truly was a ‘fix it CFO’ in all elements of the finance department. He rebuilt the team from the ground up and established systems, processes and comprehensive reporting which enabled us to get on with growing the business and funding our next big project. I would fully recommend Michael and his team for when the going gets tough in the finance arena!"

Lloyd Bartlett

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Blue Dragon publish regular VLOG and BLOG content on significant accounting, tax and business issues that we consider relevant to the business community and taxpayers in general.

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